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HYOUJUN Type 2: Deluxe 8mm Gunomezashi Tare

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The TARE from the Hyoujun Type 2 Bogu Set. 

For the entire Hyoujun Type 2 Bogu set, please click HERE!!

Hyoujun is a fantastic option for Kendoka looking for an all-round Bogu set – providing fantastic durability and comfort for everyday practice while being light enough for travel and competition. While being one of the absolute best options for a first Bogu set, the Hyoujun is loved by both top level competitors and high ranking Sensei as well!

MEASUREMENTS: Please click HERE for detailed information on measurements. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime at 

EMBROIDERY & CUSTOMIZATIONS: Please click HERE to add name embroidery or other additional customizations to your new Bogu!