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Itadaki: Deluxe Gunomezashi Bogu Set

Regular price $475.00 USD
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Itadaki is a brilliantly designed entry level Bogu set - utilizing many of the features found in master quality Bogu sets at an affordable price. Itadaki is a fantastic all-round option not only for those purchasing their first set, but experienced Kendoka looking for a cost-effective spare for everyday practice.

Reinforced with quick drying Orizashi fabric, this 6mm Gunomezashi Bogu set features durable synthetic leather in areas subject to the most wear and tear, such as the Herikawa and Ago. The Mendare feature a Gunomezashi - an aesthetically pleasing method of stitching where an additional off-set row of stitches (3mm) is inserted between the standard rows of stitching (6mm). This gives the 3mm portions of the Futon more durability and rigidity - allowing the user to easily mold areas such as the Mendare and O-dare to a desirable shape. The Yoroi-Gata style Kote feature additional Kazari in the Kote Atama, making them extremely soft and easy to use straight out of the box. 

The set includes a FREE Men Himo, Do Himo, Chichikawa, and Tenugui!

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