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JISSEN: Premium Light Weight Bogu Set

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Bringing fame to Zennihon Budogu as one of Japan’s best manufactures of Bogu, this model quickly became one of the most desired models of Bogu for top level competitors throughout Japan. Blending modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, the Jissen model is one of the most lightweight and comfortable Bogu sets available on the market – making it perfect for both competition and travel.

The Jissen is reinforced with top-quality quick drying Orizashi fabric with synthetic leather reinforcements on the Herikawa and Ago. Both the diagonal Nanamezashi stitched Mendare and the unique Fukuronui¹. Tare are finished with a diagonal cut, giving the Men and Tare a sharp and distinguished appearance. The entire Bogu set requires little to no break in time, and can easily be used straight out of the box.

Perhaps one of the most noticeable features of this Bogu set is the modern and unique stitching method. The aesthetic pattern seen on the Futon is a combination of 6mm and 3mm intervals, weaving the ultimate combination of both comfort and durability. Further enhancing this pattern, the Jissen features a longer stitch pitch than its traditional counterparts. This method of stitching allows air particles to easily enter the Futon, creating an optimal level of comfort without sacrificing durability.

The Jissen model is NOT for everyone, as it may not be suitable for Kendoka who often find themselves acting as Motodachi on the receiving end of strikes. If, however, you are looking for a beautiful and lightweight Bogu set for the purpose of competition, there is no better option than the Jissen!  

 ¹ A unique method of finishing the Tare without Herikawa (edging reinforcements). This reduces the overall weight while giving the Tare a sharp and unique appearance.

The set includes a FREE Men Himo, Do Himo, Chichikawa, and Tenugui!

EMBROIDERY & CUSTOMIZATION: All Bogu sets on California Budogu come standard with a high quality 50pc. Type Synthetic Do. Please click HERE to add name embroidery or other customizations to your new Bogu set!

LEAD TIME: Please note that this is a semi-custom Bogu set. Due to international lockdowns, the set may require approximately four to eight weeks for production; however, each Bogu part will be made to your exact sizes and specifications, ensuring the best possible fit!

MEASUREMENTS: Please click HERE for detailed information on measurements. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime at 

NOTE: This set will begin shipping in December 2022. Order soon to avoid delays due to our extremely high demand!