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JISSEN: Premium Light Weight Fukuronui Tare

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The TARE from the Jissen Bogu Set. 

For the entire Jissen Bogu set, please click HERE!!

Bringing fame to Zennihon Budogu as one of Japan’s best manufactures of Bogu, this model quickly became one of the most desired models of Bogu for top level competitors throughout Japan. Blending modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, the Jissen model is one of the most lightweight and comfortable Bogu sets available on the market – making it perfect for both competition and travel.

MEASUREMENTS: Please click HERE for detailed information on measurements. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime at 

EMBROIDERY & CUSTOMIZATIONS: Please click HERE to add name embroidery or other additional customizations to your new Bogu!