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California Budogu

SEISHŌ: California Budogu Edition - Hand-Crafted Made in CANADA Kote

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California Budogu has partnered with SEISHŌ CANADA and one of the ONLY North American artisans of the Budogu industry to add a new and exclusive hand-crafted Kote to our lineup! Seishō's superior quality comes from customizing the entire manufacturing process to the customer's needs. Detailed measurements and customer preferences (fighting style, experience, etc) are taken in order to obtain the optimal fit for each and every Kote. 

Available with a choice of Orizashi or Deerskin reinforcements, this exclusive California Budogu edition features white stitching on the distinctive "Kazari-less" Kazari portion, Tsutsu, and reinforcements. This can easily be changed to either black or gold at no additional charge! Orizashi material will ensure optimal comfort and flexibility, while traditional deerskin material that will stretch over time to better mold the shape of your hands, while remaining resistant and durable.

Palm Material, Stitch Width, Stitching Color can be customized at NO extra cost!

TEZASHI (Hand-Stiched) Kote are available as well. Contact us for options at 

About the Craftsman

"Seishō principal artisan Kote maker, Francis Charbonneau, grew up with sewing. His aunt worked in the textile industry. So did his grandfather. It is a generational affair with needles and fabrics. Had his grandmother not learned to sew in secret on her mother's sewing machine at age 13, maybe Francis would not have grown up with such a great role model who gave life to all his childhood costume projects.

As a teenager, Francis developed an interest in combat sports. He tried taekwondo, fencing and other martial arts, but they ultimately left him unsatisfied (hollow) , until he discovered kendo at age 15. Kendo, the martial art of sword fighting, was a revelation to him and became a passion. Francis has been practicing kendo for the last ten years at the Montreal Kendo Club, where he is now an instructor for the children class and a member of the board of directors.

In 2016, Francis met a travelling Japanese Kendoka as he was visiting Montreal. The traveler explained that he designs and hand crafts Kote for his family business - an acclaimed Japanese Budogu manufacturer. Seeing Francis' potential, he invited the young man to become his apprentice and learn the art of Kote making at his workshop in Japan. Francis jumped at the opportunity to combine his two passions." -SEISHŌ CANADA