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Tokuren: Lightweight Traditional Kendogi

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The original "Koshiki" style Kendogi!

Tokuren is California Budogu's top selling Kendogi, perfect for all levels of Kendoka. The ‘honeycomb’ stitching style not only exemplifies a unique ‘hand-stitched’ look, but also allows air to flow freely into the fabric - making the Tokuren lighter yet compatible in protection to a regular (but bulky!) single layer Kendogi!

Best of all, Tokuren is dyed with high quality Aizome indigo dye, allowing for a luxurious look that separates the Kendogi from it’s synthetically dyed counterparts. The dignified appearance of our Tokuren makes it perfect not only for regular Kendo practice, but tournaments and gradings as well!

EMBROIDERY/PERSONALIZATION: For embroidery and personalization, please choose from any of the options HERE.

FULL UNIFORM SETS: Uniform sets containing both Kendogi and Hakama are available HERE!