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CA Budogu PEARL: Lightweight Jissengata Style Tare

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The KOTE from the PEARL Bogu Set. 

For the entire PEARL Bogu set, please click HERE!!

The pinnacle of modern and traditional Budogu craftsmanship, the California Budogu PEARL Bogu set is based off models that have become some of the most desired Bogu sets for top level competitors throughout Japan. Blending modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, the PEARL is a lightweight and comfortable Bogu set with a beautifully unique design. 

The modern "U-Shaped" Tare is one of the most unique parts of the PEARL Bogu set - designed to mold to the waist of the user. The beautifully decorated Tare is finished with Fukuronui - a unique method of finishing the corners without Herikawa (edging reinforcements). While this requires more effort and a cleaner stitching technique, it reduces the overall weight while giving the Tare a sharp and unique appearance. Rather than the straight traditional cut, the Tare-Obi is cut in a U-shape with a fusion of both 4mm Nanamizashi and thicker 8mm straight stitching, allowing it to easily form to the user’s body. Finally, the top row of Kazari-Ito is lowered by approximately one centimeter, to reduce ware and tare over time from rubbing against the Do. 

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