About California Budogu

California Budogu is a one-stop supplier for Kendo Bogu and equipment - hand picked for the North American market. We work directly with some of the highest quality Japanese craftsmen and suppliers - as well as artisans from around the world - to bring you the most unique selection of what we believe to be the absolute BEST of the Budogu industry. We work closely with suppliers such as:

Anshin Shoukai / Fuji Daruma (Nagoya, JAPAN)
Budo Colombia
(Bogota, COLOMBIA)
Budogu Watoku
(Tokyo, JAPAN)
Budogu Inoue
(Fukuoka, JAPAN)
(Tokyo, JAPAN)
Hokubei Budogu
(Virginia, USA)
(Bogota, COLOMBIA)
Kinsho Tsuba
(Budapest, HUNGARY)
Matsukan Kougyou Co. Ltd.
(Saitama, JAPAN)
Nichibu Kendogu Honpo
(Osaka, JAPAN)
Nogawa Senshoku Kougyou
(Saitama, JAPAN)
Zennihon Budogu
(Kumamoto, JAPAN)

California Budogu has become the ONLY official USA-based retailer of both fully Made-in-Japan Kendo equipment, as well as high quality Kendogu manufactured by companies with over a CENTURY of history such as Matsukan Kougyou Co., Ltd. and Nogawa Senshoku Kougyou. With access to both traditional craftsmen with over 40 years of experience, and manufacturers such as Watoku and Nichibu offering a more modern flare, California Budogu is proud to offer one of the widest range of Kendo products in the entire industry. 

UPDATE: California Budogu is proud to have partnered with Nogawa Senshoku Kougyou - an Aizome workshop with over 100 years of history and tradition - becoming the EXCLUSIVE retailer of the 'BUSHUICHI' Brand in the United States! Working directly with the developers of the 'BUSHU PROCESS' known for their luxurious shade of 'Japan Blue,' we are now able to offer not only the best in Japanese Kendo Bogu, but Kendogi, Hakama, and other Sho-Aizome products as well!

Whether it is an extravagant hand-stitched Bogu set or a simple set of Men Himo, California Budogu has you covered. Bridging the gap between North American consumers and many of the top Japanese vendors of Kendo equipment, please feel free to reach out to us for ANY of your Budogu needs!

Contact us anytime for a FREE Bogu consultation. We are always happy to help online or in person (by appointment only in Southern California) with sizing and measurements, custom products, or any questions about Bogu in general. We can even help you design an entire custom Bogu set from scratch!

【About the Owner】

Growing up in Southern California, Nathan discovered his love for Kendo at the age of 13. Nathan continues to practice Kendo regularly at Costa Mesa Kendo Dojo in Southern California, and currently holds the rank of 5-Dan. He is also both a founder and instructor at the University of California, Irvine’s Kendo club.

After graduating from UCI, Nathan spent years in Japan, and was given the opportunity to practice Kendo while studying Budogu under some of the finest craftsmen in the country. He has worked directly with and maintained relationships with some of Japan's most renowned Kendo suppliers - including the Kendogu Workshop of Japan, Zennihon Budogu, Eikobudogu, and more. Dedicated to learning everything there is to know about Budogu, he hopes to extend his knowledge through world class customer service.