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CA Budogu AMETHYST: Deluxe All-Purpose Tare

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The TARE from the AMETHYST Bogu Set. 

For the entire AMETHYST Bogu set, please click HERE!!

Featuring a simple yet timeless 4mm Bouzashi design, this Tare features top quality Aizome fabric with synthetic leather reinforcements on the Herikawa for enhanced durability. The Orizashi fabric makes this Tare flexible, quick-drying, and suitable for those looking for a more lightweight and durable Tare for everyday practice. 

An overall classic, and under-stated design, that emphasizes fantastic quality, as well as value. Perfect for those who's top priority is functionality and practicality, the California Budogu AMETHYST is literally perfect for ALL levels of Kendoka. 

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EMBROIDERY & CUSTOMIZATIONS: Please click HERE to add name embroidery or other additional customizations to your new Bogu!