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CA Budogu NEON: Ultimate Jissengata Style Kote

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The ultimate Jissengata style Kote - designed by some of Japan’s most experienced craftsmen for Kendoka around the world. From the elegant Aizome indigo dyed Futon to the deodorizing and shock absorbing padding, our lightweight NEON Kote utilizes some of the finest and most modern materials in the Budogu industry. 

Featuring an elongated Tsutsu (wrist joint) for the ultimate ease of movement, these Kote require little to no break-in time. While the ergonomically shaped NEON Kote have been designed to fit comfortably from day one, the deer hair within the Kote-Atama breaks down, forming to the shape of the user's hands, giving these Kote an even more perfect fit with use. These Kote are the ultimate fusion of traditional design and modern day comfort.

The inner layer of the Kote feature a layer of TASTEX-MGU - a specialized deodorizing material - while additional padding has been added to the areas known to be stuck the most. The Tenouchi are crafted with an white Ultra Suede material produced by Toray – a Japanese fiber manufacturer known for designing the material used in modern day ‘Tetron’ Hakama. Ultra Suede is an extremely flexible yet durable material, tested and proven to last longer than synthetic Clarino or leather.

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