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CA Budogu SAPPHIRE: Master Quality All-Purpose ORIZASHI Men

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The MEN from the SAPPHIRE (Orizashi Version) Bogu Set. 

For the entire SAPPHIRE Orizashi Bogu set, please click HERE

While lightweight Jissengata Bogu spiked in popularity throughout the years, many customers also seek a Bogu set that would feature the same top quality, and comfort offered by these competition sets, but would also be suitable for intensive regular practice or promotional exams. In answer to this, we have decided to offer the 'ultimate all-purpose' Bogu set. The SAPPHIRE Bogu set by California Budogu is a set that is not only affordable, lightweight, and comfortable, but also features added durability and a luxurious finish by using only the highest quality materials. This Bogu set is even worn by some of Japan's most elite Kendoka, including Ryusuke Natsumeda - the recent 71st All Japan Kendo CHAMPION. 

Featuring a simple yet timeless 8mm Gunomezashi design, the Men features top quality Aizome deerskin on reinforcements such as the Herikawa and Ago. The Futon is not only lightweight and protective, but also infused with antibacterial TASTEX-MGU for extra cleanliness. The Men features a unique IBB-SWV (Safety Wide View) Duralumin Mengane, increasing the range of sight to improve vision between the Monomi bars. The Orizashi version has the advantage of being flexible and quick-drying, making it suitable for those looking for a more lightweight Bogu set for everyday practice. 

The SAPPHIRE set by California Budogu is suitable for ALL Kendoka looking for a high end yet affordable Bogu set – including beginners, competitors, and high ranking Sensei.

This Men includes a FREE Men Himo, Chichikawa, and Tenugui!

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