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CA Budogu Titanium: Ultimate Protective Kote

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An upgrade in terms of protection from the popular AMBER collection, the TITANIUM Extra Protective Kote are not only manufactured to your exact sizes and specifications, they are specifically designed to give optimum protection.

Featuring a unique fusion of extra wide 12mm and tighter 3mm stitching, the Futon of TITANIUM Kote are thick and extremely well cushioned. The right Kote features an additional piece of padding sewn on the underside of the Futon, cancelling out the pain from even the strongest of Kote strikes. These Kote are by far one of the best options for those who are seeking additional protection - often finding themselves at Motodachi or on the end of receiving Kote strikes. 

The TITANIUM Kote feature an overall Orizashi design, making them lightweight, and quick drying. Kendoka who participate in regular, hard practice, will appreciate the areas of the Kote that are prone to wear and tear being reinforced with durable synthetic leather, giving optimized durability. 

While featuring a simple and understated design, the TITANIUM Kote are some of the most protective pairs of Kote in the industry. Whether you are still new to Kendo and are looking for a pain-free Kote, or a seasoned Motodachi, RENMA are perfect for literally all levels. 


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