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CA Budogu AMBER: Extra Protective Tare

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The TARE from the AMBER Bogu Set. 

For the entire AMBER Bogu set, please click HERE!!

Perfect for literally ALL levels of Kendoka, the AMBER Bogu set by California Budogu has been especially designed to be given an extra element of protection.

Combining thick yet lightweight Aizome materials and a unique fusion of 8mm and 2mm alternating stitch widths, we have increased the padding throughout the Futon, giving the Tare an added appeal to those who often act as Motodachi, as well as new Kendoka who are concerned about the pains associated with starting Kendo as an adult. 

In addition to excelling in terms of protection, AMBER is also light, flexible, and comfortable, making it perfect not only for daily practice, but well suited to both travel and tournaments. The Obi features a unique vertical and diagonal form of stitching, resulting in a Tare that can easily mold to the user's body from day one. Modern synthetic leather has also been added to the Herikawa, adding additional durability. Designed with keeping a modern yet traditional and dignified appearance in mind, you can also rest assured that this Bogu set will exceed your expectations in every possible way.

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