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'CA BUDOGU x DANNO-YA': Orizashi Omamori Case

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Another Brand New (California Budogu EXCLUSIVE) Product for Orizashi Lovers!

Using the highest grade Japanese Orizashi, these "Omamori Cases" were designed in collaboration with DANNO-YA – the manufacturer of our popular custom Zekken." 

"Omamori" are Japanese amulets commonly sold at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, said to provide various forms of luck or protection. Omamori dedicated to victory or passing exams are often hung as straps on non-Kendo accessories, Bogu or Shinai bags, or even on the back of a Do. 

California Budogu Omamori
A word from both Nathan (California Budogu) and Danno San (DANNO-YA): "While genuine Omamori are said to be filled with 'powers' from shrines, Omamori cannot be made and sold for profit from us 'regular' people. Instead, we have filled these 'Omamori CASES' with our logos. While these may not provide you with the 'powers' you are looking for, we have put our own thoughts into these pieces of artwork, wishing each and every Kendoka who carries these unique pieces their very best in their Kendo endeavors!"
Each Omamori Case is made with Bushu Dyed Orizashi and a unique design cut from traditional Japanese fabric. Each and every Omamori Case design is different. While the color of the string may be chosen, this may add two to three weeks to our leadtime.