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Chrome: Low-Cost Children's Bogu Set

Regular price $330.00 USD
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A brand new Bogu set geared towards the young and promising Kenshi of the world. Blending elements of both traditional junior Bogu and new and improved innovations, California Budogu presents Chrome - an original low-cost synthetic leather Bogu Set. The synthetic leather Bogu set features amazing performance for junior Kenshi - available as one of the lowest costing Bogu sets in the world!

Do NOT be fooled by the low price – This Bogu set is indeed fantastic quality, and is of the same level of quality that many Bogu shops sell for more! This Bogu is NOT inferior quality, nor is it defective in any way! This Bogu set is light and quick drying - giving children all the comfort and basic protection that they need to enjoy the art of Kendo.

While parts of the Bogu set are reinforced with quick drying Orizashi fabric, the borders of the entire Bogu as well as the Ago and Mune, are fully reinforced with synthetic leather, adding to the durability of the set.

The Mendare that protect the practitioner's shoulders are softer, shorter, and more stylish in comparison to their traditional counterparts. They are also diagonally stitched in Nanamezashi style, allowing them to keep their beautiful shape and provide the highest level of comfort, even throughout the toughest of practices. The Kote and Tare are extremely soft and lightweight, allowing for free movement with ease.

This Bogu set is perfectly suitible for young Kenshi looking for their first Bogu, as well as those in need of a spare practice set.

The set includes a FREE Men Himo, Do Himo, Chichikawa, and Tenugui!

NOTE: Design may vary slightly from photos. 

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