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CA Budogu PEARL: Lightweight Jissengata Style Men

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The MEN from the PEARL Bogu Set. 

For the entire PEARL Bogu set, please click HERE!!

The pinnacle of modern and traditional Budogu craftsmanship, the California Budogu PEARL Bogu set is based off models that have become some of the most desired Bogu sets for top level competitors throughout Japan. Blending modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, the PEARL is a lightweight and comfortable Bogu set with a beautifully unique design. 

This is one of the first Jissengata Men suitable for ALL Kendoka – even those who find themselves acting as Motodachi on the receiving end of strikes. If you are looking for a lightweight Bogu and modern Bogu set for the purpose of competition, without giving up all protection, there is no better option than the PEARL!  

The Men, featuring a lightweight duralumin Mengane, is reinforced with top-quality quick drying Aizome dyed Orizashi fabric, antibacterial TASTEX-MGU infused within the inner padding and Uchiwa, and synthetic leather reinforcements where durability is needed the most. The entire Bogu set requires little to no break in time, and can easily be used straight out of the box. Unlike other Jissengata style Bogu sets, the PEARL is designed with protection in mind. Featuring a thick Tezashi-like 8mm Gunomezashi Menbuton, this Jissengata Men not only excels in tournament use, but is a fantastic option for regular practice as well.

This Men includes a FREE Men Himo, Chichikawa, and Tenugui!

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