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California Budogu

Deluxe DOBARI / JISSENGATA Shinai (Set of 3)

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The balance of our deluxe Dobari (Also known as Jissengata) Shinai are designed to keep the weight towards the hands, making the tip feel light, allowing for sharp, fast strikes to made with precision and ease.

Our Dobari Shinai are available in both Keichiku and Madake Bamboo!

Keichiku: A species of bamboo native to Taiwan, known for its flexibility. 
Madake: A species of bamboo native to Japan, known for its hardness. 

Each Dobari Shinai is made from a single bamboo plant, which provides the four slats with the best flexibility and durability.

NOTE: Markings, engravings, and stickers on the our Dobari Shinai are dependent on each of our trusted suppliers & manufacturers, and may vary from those pictured.