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California Budogu

OVAL Grip Keichiku Shinai (Set of 3)

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These deluxe Keichiku Shinai, which feature a slightly larger 'Dou' section, placing the balance close to the hands, and narrows to a fine light, tip. This makes our oval grip Shinai easy to maneuver, and perfect for multiple, sharp strikes.

In addition to its excellent balance, the oval Tsuka makes gripping the Shinai correctly easy, and gives a similar feel to a real Japanese sword.

Each of these Shinai are made from a single bamboo plant, which provides the four slats with the best flexibility and durability.

NOTE: Markings, engravings, and stickers on the our Deluxe Oval Grip Shinai are dependent on each of our trusted suppliers & manufacturers, and may vary from those pictured.