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California Budogu

OCTAGONAL OVAL Grip Madake Shinai (Set of 3)

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Our deluxe HAKKAKU (Octagonal) Oval grip Madake Shinai - also known as TOUKON BESSAKU - is a personal favorite Shinai. This deluxe Madake Shinai features a slightly larger 'Dou' section, placing the balance close to the hands, and narrows to a fine light, tip. This makes TOUKON BESSAKU easy to maneuver, and perfect for multiple, sharp strikes.

Unlike other Shinai, TOUKON BESSAKU is an oval HAKKAKU style Shinai, which means that the handle has been carved into an elliptical-octagonal shape - which is said to feel very comfortable in the hands, and gives a unique feeling when held. This style was developed a few years ago, and is the choice of many high level Sensei.