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Do Upgrade: Fully Custom Mune Design

Regular price $75.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $75.00 USD

Change your Do's Mune to a custom design of your choice! In most cases, ANY Mune design you choose besides our included standard options can be replicated for $75 USD.

Please note, however, that more complicated Mune will require an additional charge. This includes Mune with:

  • Difficult Shokkou (Stitching) Styles
  • Colored Kazari Ito
  • Yabane
  • Stitched Patterns (e.g. Kamon or Other Patterns)

For a material besides basic Kurozan (e.g. Clarino or Deerskin), please add the option to your cart.

Please send an email to with a photo or description of the Mune design that you would like us to use. Upon confirmation and payment, we will begin creating your own, beautiful, custom Mune. 

NOTE: Please do NOT add this option unless you have a Bogu set or Do in your cart. 

LEAD TIME: This option will add approximately eight to twelve weeks of lead time to any Bogu set or Do.