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Do Upgrade: Kiji Do-Dai

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The Do-Dai is the one part of the Bogu where you can truly represent yourself. Upgrade your black Do to a synthetic or genuine Kiji Do!

The surface of each Kiji Do is covered with a layer of natural un-lacquered or clear lacquered cowhide. Due to the nature of the material, no two Kiji Do can be the same. By far one of the best options for those looking for a truly unique look. 

Synthetic Kiji Do use a layer of cowhide placed over a 50pc. synthetic Do, while genuine Kiji Do use a layer of cowhide over a 60pc. bamboo Do. Genuine Kiji Do offer the ability to place a layer of navy or red cloth underneath the cowhide, creating a Kon-Kiji or Aka-Kiji Do, further creating a piece that is truely one of a kind. 

Please feel free to contact us if there is a specific style of Kiji Do that you are looking for. For any questions, please feel free to contact us at 

NOTE: Please do NOT add this option unless you have a Bogu set or Do in your cart. Please also note that no two Kiji Do are alike, and that all photos are for illustration purposes only. While we will be happy to take requests and do our best to accommodate, due to the nature of the material, our craftsmen can not guarantee the finish of a Kiji Do. 

LEAD TIME: This option will add additional lead time to any Bogu set or Do, varying based on the Do-Dai style chosen.