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Hakama Embroidery (Koshi-Ita)

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Customize your new Hakama with embroidery on the Koshi-Ita!

With 48 different color options, this is a fantastic add-on for those who would like a truly personalized uniform. Choose between Roman or Japanese embroidery. If you do not know your name in Japanese, please leave a note in our comments and we will be happy to have your name translated. 

The most common uniform embroidery on the Koshi-Ita is often one’s name (first and/or last), a preferred short phrase relating to Kendo, or a Kamon/club logo (may require an additional fee). If there is a specific font, style, or orientation that you would prefer, please feel free to leave a note in the comments or send us an email at 

Please note that Koshi-Ita embroidery requires more time than regular embroidery. As the material on the Koshi-Ita must be undone and re-sewn for the embroidery to work, a minimum of 1-2 weeks may be added to the lead time. 

NOTE:  In general, customized and/or personalized items such as items with embroidery/engravings are both non-returnable and non-refundable.