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HIRAMEKI FT: Fusion Technology Hybrid Hakama

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The Hirameki FT (Fusion Technology) by Matsukan Kougyou – a Budogu manufacturer with over 100 years of history – is the pinnacle of modern and traditional Budogu technology.

One of the first ‘hybrid’ uniforms on the market, the Hirameki FT synthesizes horizontal synthetic polyester with vertical Sho-Aizome cotton, resulting in a perfectly balanced, lightweight uniform. The luxuriously dark shade of Aizome blends perfectly with the indigo polyester, allowing the uniform to fade slower than its traditional Aizome counterparts, without the artificial look of standard synthetic Kendogi and Hakama.

Please note: This product is dyed using genuine Japanese Aizome, and the color will leak/stain objects and the wearer. 

EMBROIDERY/PERSONALIZATION: For embroidery and personalization, please choose from any of the options HERE.

FULL UNIFORM SETS: Uniform sets containing both Kendogi and Hakama are available HERE!