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SOLD: Premium Rayskin Same Tsuba (Dark Navy - RARE)

Regular price $100.00 USD
Regular price $125.00 USD Sale price $100.00 USD

'Same’ (Rayskin) Do are known as one of the most prestigious and luxurious pieces of Bogu in the world of Kendo. We now offer the same rayskin material in this master quality Same-Tsuba.

Lacquered with a luxurious dark navy that is nearly black, these Tsuba make a beautiful gift or chance to reward oneself. Please note that all Same-Tsuba are made with all natural polished rayskin. Due to the nature of the material, the color and design of each Tsuba may slightly vary.

※ Please note that although these Tsuba - as well as the rayskin - are EXTREMELY durable, the lacquer covering rayskin material is prone to chipping and flaking. We recommend using our Same-Tsuba for tournaments and special events, rather than regular Kendo practice.