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RARE: 'Takemasa-Saku' Genuine Hon-Inden Tsubadome - Sho-Aizome Shouka (Black)

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These Tsubadome are HAND-MADE using REAL Inden - a material used for centuries in traditional Japanese craftsmanship. This form of lacquered deerskin was cherished by Samurai and the upper class for it's softness and durability. While Inden-Fuu material (synthetic Inden) is common among Kendo equipment, Hon-Inden (genuine Inden) has become somewhat of a rarity. You will not find them anywhere else. 

Featuring a unique Shouka (flower) design on a layer of Sho-Aizome indigo deerskin, these one-of-a-kind Tsubadome are hand-made by the artist, "Takemasa,"from Chiba Prefecture. Basing his design on some of the highest quality Tsubadome available in the Japanese market, Takemasa has applied his own style to the craft. Utilizing unique Inden pattern and stitching every Tsubadome by hand without the use of a sewing machine, each of Takemasa's pieces are truely work of art.

These Tsubadome are designed to last, featuring a stronger rubber center for increased durability compared to standard silicon Tsubadome.  

Please note that each Tsubadome is made by hand and can vary slightly from the photos. Each Tsuba may require up to 4-6 weeks for production.