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SENPU: Aizome-Fuu Synthetic Hakama

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A 100% polyester Hakama, both lightweight and comfortable for everyday practice. Designed to match the authentic Aizome look of our popular SENPU Kendogi, the color of the fabric has been manufactured to imitating the look of a genuine cotton Hakama. Unlike other Tetron or synthetic Hakama, the color of the Senpu matches the luxurious look of Aizome indigo found in cotton Hakama until now.

The stitched pleats and durable material add further convenience to the Senpu, as it can be thrown into a Bogu bag and washed like any article of clothing with no fade and minimal wrinkling. Senpu is the ultimate combination of light weight, comfort, and convenience!

EMBROIDERY/PERSONALIZATION: For embroidery and personalization, please choose from any of the options HERE.

FULL UNIFORM SETS: Uniform sets containing both Kendogi and Hakama are available HERE!