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California Budogu

SUPPORT TEAM PERU: Official Tenugui of the Peruvian National Team

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Support Team Peru for the 2024 World Kendo Championships this July in Milan, Italy!
ALL profits from our official Team Peru Tenugui will be donated to the Peruvian National Team. 
The World Kendo Championships occurs every 3 years and is the world’s largest and highest level international tournament. In addition, 2024 will be the first WKC since the pandemic. This year Team Peru will make its FIRST appearance at the World Kendo Championships. While the Team is honored to represent their country, it has truly been an international effort to make Team Peru's debut possible. Each team member has trained hard with Senseis and friends from outside of Peru, including Kenshi from the US, Japan, and Latin America. Further, Team Peru is co-managed by California Budogu owner, Nathan Gallinger. 
No dream is achieved alone. Team Peru is an amateur sports team and does not receive government funding. There will be over $30,000 in expenses for Team Peru to be able to participate at the World Kendo Championships. We ask for your continued support to help achieve this historic accomplishment. The official Team Peru Tenugui is currently in production in Japan, and they will be shipping to those who have made donations upon arrival. Please feel free to order through this page, or contact any Team Peru member directly. 
The Team Peru Tenugui features the Hummingbird Nazca Line. The Nazca geoglyphs are among the largest drawings in the world. They are located in Southern Peru and are a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.
NOTE: This is a Pre-Order. Tenugui are expected to begin shipping in late February. 

Made in Japan - Traditionally Dyed. 
Length: Approx. 100cm